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Here are the Frequently Asked Questions for
1WeekToWealth’s “CASH” in Your Mailbox System!

Q.  If I am at a lower Pro Member Level do I still collect on the higher Pro Member Levels?

A. Yes, However, you will only receive the amount that you are at. Example: If you were at the $100 Pro Member Level and a person comes in at the $200 Pro Member Level you would still only receive $50 CASH not the $100.

Q. What happens to the other amount?

A. It rolls-up to the next qualified member or the company.

Q. Can I send money orders or cashiers checks instead of cash?

A. No, all payments must be sent in U.S. Dollars only. This includes all other participating countries. Other countries outside of the U.S. can use MoneyGram for sending money. You will need to include the person’s Name, Country, Province or State along with the Transaction #. You also pay the fees for sending the money. http://moneygram.com

Q. What if someone wants to pay me in person?

A. They can do that. And then they still need to send in the other payments by First Class Mail® with tracking numbers or Overnight. Also you need to email the company confirmation that you received your funds in person.

The person paying you in person would still need to sign up just like normal and follow the steps.

Q. Can I receive money orders or cashier checks instead of cash?

A. Not in the U.S this is for receiving cash only. In other countries you may receive the money using MoneyGram. http://moneygram.com

Q. Is this just a one-time payment for each Pro Member Level?

A. Yes, it is just one-time for each Pro Member Level.

Q. When I upgrade to a higher level do I pay the difference or the full amount?

A. You pay the full amount for that particular Pro Member Level that you are upgrading to.

Q. What if I refer a person that I know is going to be coming in at a higher level? Can I upgrade before them?

A. Yes, that would be a smart thing to do.

Q. How do I upgrade from a lower level to a higher level?

A. You click on the blue button on your sponsor’s website for the Pro Member Level you are upgrading to. You fill out the form and send your payments to the 3 positions along with the affidavits.

You will also receive an email from the company telling you the exact amounts to send to the 3 positions.

You do NOT need to register again. Your website will be updated to reflect the new Pro Member Level you are at so you can start receiving higher amounts of Cash in Your Mailbox.

Q. Do I need to wait until I receive an email from the company telling me the exact amounts to send to the 3 positions?

A. No you do not have to wait. As long as you know the amounts to send you can do it right away.

Q. If I am only coming in at the $100 or $200 Pro Member Level instead of sending my payments by registered 1st class mail can I send my payments in overnight?

A. Yes, you can send them overnight. Keep in mind that you must send them overnight at any Pro Member Level above the $200 Pro member Level.

Q. How soon do I send my payments?

A. All payments are to be sent during the week within 24 hours. Weekends 48 hours.

Q. Is there any limit to how many people I can refer?

A. No, you can refer as many people as you want.

Q. Can I use a P.O. Box for my mailing address?

A. Yes, as long as the post office delivers to it you can use it.

Q. Can I request to have my phone number also listed on my personal website?

A. Yes, we can include your phone number on your personal website.

Q. Are there any details showing the different amounts I could be receiving?

A. Yes, you can see them from the home page or any member’s website by clicking on the chart details.

Q. What product or service am I purchasing?

A. You are not required to purchase any product or service as you are just making a donation to another person. However, we still provide you with a FREE website as well as leads and marketing materials.

Q. Is that legal?

A. Yes, you may give (donate) up to $15,000 per year to another person. Please click here to see the information that is taken right from the gov. website explaining gifts, donations, funds.

Also if you have ever sent a birthday card to a friend or relative with $10 or $20 in it you have actual participated in gifting. Which is perfectly legal.

Q. So am I getting any product or service?

A. Yes, we still give all members a FREE website as well as our lead sources and marketing materials and basic training on how to market.

Q. Do I receive a 1099 at the end of the year?

A. No because again, you are just making and receiving donations from one person to another.

Q. Is this worldwide?

A. Yes, however it is up to the individual to check with your local government and tax laws to see what the amount you may receive if any in the form of donations.

Q. Can I send my package overnight?

A. Yes, all packages must be sent by either First Class Mail® with a tracking number or Overnight.

Q. Can I sign up a spouse?

A. Yes. In fact that is a real benefit to sign up your spouse. However, there is no stacking allowed. Meaning you must have as many or more referrals than your spouse.

Q. How often can I receive cash?

A. You may receive cash daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Just go to the person’s website who invited you and follow the directions on the website.


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