$1,000’s in Your Mailbox Every Week!! Referred by Robert Wargin


Because in less than a week you could already be receiving hundreds and yes … even thousands of dollars continually delivered right to your front door!

Yes … that’s right!! Start receiving packages stuffed full of “CASH” delivered right into your mailbox. Your packages are full of “CASH” just waiting for you to rip them open to see how much is inside of them!
What’s More Fun Than Receiving Money In The Mail?!

How much could you be receiving?! You could start receiving $100’s and even $1,000’s a week!! And the “CASH” gets delivered right into your mailbox.

And here’s the best part. It’s why all of our other members absolutely love their 1WeekToWealth “CASH” in Your Mailbox System.

It’s Money in Your Mailbox without all the usual hassles!

Because there’s …

No labels to buy.

No answering emails.

No letters to print.

No envelopes to stuff.

No stamps to buy.

No waiting weeks just to get set up.

That’s right …none of that usual stuff that keeps people from making money. That’s because our fool-proof 1WeekToWealth “CASH” in Your Mailbox System is mostly all done for you!!

Okay … so wait a minute … stop right here! We know you’ve probably heard … “Done-For-You” before. So what makes this so different?!

It’s because our fully automated 1WeekToWealth system is mostly done for you!! We answer emails for you, take phone calls for you, we give you a FREE website just like this one only with your information embedded in it.

Plus …we give you full access to our exclusive lead sources. YES!!!

You even get our exclusive newbie friendly 3 Step Recruiting Guide. It quickly and easily turns anyone into a recruiting pro but is literally so simple a 10 year old kid could do it. And …it takes less than 3 1/2 minutes to learn.

That’s right …so you’ll never run out of leads again!!

We’ve combined the excitement of getting money in the mail with the speed and efficiency of the Internet to bring you this truly revolutionary system! And …We mean virtually “Everything” is done for you. Like we’ve already mentioned … we answer emails for you …take phone calls on your behalf …give you a FREE personalized website and host it for you.

We give you our exclusive lead sources!

And we even give you our exclusive 3 Step Recruiting Guide that turns anyone into a recruiting pro in less than 3 1/2 minutes.

Isn’t that a breath of fresh air?

It’s a Lazy Man’s Dream come true!

And Here’s How This Incredibly Powerful Yet Simple System Works …

Below all you need to do is decide the Pro Member Level you would like to be qualified for that allows you to start receiving “CASH” at that level in your mailbox. Then send in your payment to the company for that Pro Member Level.

There are a total of six lucrative Pro Member Levels to choose from. And you can always upgrade at any time.

If you are the sponsor in position #1 you could be receiving $50, $100, $300, $600, $2,000 and even $6,000 “CASH” payments overnight right into your mailbox!

And …when you are in position #2 even without you doing anything because of the 2nd position payouts you could still be continually receiving $30, $50, $100, $200, $500 and even $750 “CASH” payments delivered right into Your Mailbox!! How exciting is that?!

Just look at the payout charts below and you will see exactly why people are “rushing” to get into this incredible “CASH” in your Mailbox Money Making System.

Click here for the 1 Minute Video Explaining the Amounts You Could be Receiving!

New Update for the Year 2020 … Makes it Even Easier for You to Receive “CASH” in the Mail!! Instead of sending individual payments to each of the members you now just send 1 payment to the company. Simple!!

The company takes care of receiving and sending all payments for the members!

Keep in mind that as soon as you join you get full access to our exclusive lead sources that has taken years to compile. You are also the person that gets put into position #1 for whatever Pro Member Level you join at. Then you immediately become eligible to continually receive those different amounts of “CASH” in your mailbox. You can upgrade at any time.

As you can see you could be continually receiving a lot of “CASH” in your mailbox. But that’s not all of it.

What happens if you are at say the Pro Member $1,000 Level and you sponsor a person and they only come in at the Pro Member $500 Level?

You would still receive the full $300 because you are at the same or higher Pro Member Level.

But now let’s say they sponsor a person and that person comes in at the Pro Member $1,000 Level. Which in this case you would now be the person in position #2.

Do you miss out on any “CASH” in your mailbox? Absolutely not!

This means you would be in position #2 and because of the guaranteed roll-up feature and because you are qualified at the higher Pro Member $1,000 Level you would still receive your full $200 “CASH” in your mailbox!

As you can see because of the guaranteed roll-up feature you never miss out on getting the most “CASH” possible in your mailbox!!

And with just one person on your first level …if that person is a real go getter you could be automatically receiving a continuous flow of hefty 2nd level “CASH” payouts!!

This is just one more reason our other members absolutely love their 1WeekToWealth “CASH” in Your Mailbox System. Because you always receive the full amount(s) at whatever Pro Member Level you are at. Plus …you are always qualified to receive the “CASH” for any of the lower Pro Member levels as well.

Obviously you should come in at the highest Pro Member Level you can so you do not miss out on any payouts. This keeps the most “CASH” possible coming into your mailbox no matter what level another one of your members comes in at. (see details here)

Now to Get Started there are only 3 simple Steps …

… Just decide which Pro Member Level you want to come in at!

… Send in your cash payment below to the Company!

… Order Your “FREE” personalized website just like this one but you will be in position #1!

That’s it!!! Yes … just like we’ve said we take care of virtually everything for you.

From answering emails to taking phone calls to giving you a FREE website and even giving you full access to our exclusive lead sources so you’ll never run out of leads.

As you can see …we do virtually everything to help you be successful so you can get “Cash” coming into Your Mailbox!

And … the Sooner You Get Started the Sooner You Could Start Receiving $100’s And Even $1,000’s a Week!!

New Update for the Year 2020 Makes it Even Easier for
You to Receive “CASH” in the Mail!!

To Get Started just click on one of the blue buttons above for the Pro Member Level amount you are joining at. That will let you register for instant access to your 1WeekToWealth back office. Our exclusive lead sources are all located in your back office.

Next send an email to the company letting us know what level you are joining at. We will immediately start personalizing your website for you.

Send in the amount you are joining at to the company’s address listed below. That’s it …is that simple or what?

The company takes care of sending out all the payments for the 3 members listed in the Payment Box below. We will do the same for you and your referrals!

send YOUR PAYMENT to the company ADDRESS LISTED below IN POSITION (3).

Position (1)
Your Direct Sponsor
Qualified at the $7,500 Pro Member Level: Robert Wargin.
5333 4th Street N. Brooklyn Center – MN 55430
“I really enjoy the results I’m having and getting cash in my mailbox!”
Position (2)
Your Sponsor’s
Qualified at the $7,500 Pro Member Level: John Newman
235 Puppy Smith Street P.O. Box 84 Aspen, CO 81611
“This is no doubt one of the best programs I have ever seen!”
Position (3)
1WTW Company
Qualified at the $7,500 Pro Member Level: Company Address for 1WeekToWealth 4542 Washburn Ave N. Mpls, MN 55412

Your website and back office will be fully activated once the company receives your payment.

Once you have sent in your cash payment then immediately order your website.

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