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But, before we tell you how to get started we just wanted to briefly tell you that you are not going to have to wade through page after page or an hour and a half webinar presentation just to hear that we’ve knocked the price clear down from some astronomical amount all the way down to just a few bucks.

We respect your intelligence more than that so we are going to tell you right up front that when we created 1WeekToWealth we created it so that you could benefit from it just like we do and all of our other members do.

To reward it’s affiliates, 1WeekToWealth splits the monthly membership fee right down the middle making it a win win situation. And … it’s priced right so affiliates have the potential to earn a substantial monthly income and yet the cost is low enough to make sure that anyone can afford the $49.95 a month.

Treating you like a partner we feel it’s only fair to pay you half on every single one of your referrals that become an active paying member. And … there’s “NO Qualifying” with a bunch of jumping through this hoop or jumping through that hoop. We want you to make money and plenty of it. That’s why we teach you everything you need to know to build a real ongoing thriving online business.

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